Episode 439 – William Willimon – The ABCs of Christian Faith


Dr. William Willimon

Bestselling author, popular preacher and teacher, Will Willimon, has just published one of his liveliest books, God Turned Toward Us: The ABCs of the Christian Faith. “The challenge of the Christian life is learning to talk Christian. Somebody has got to tell us, give us the words that open the door to the faith called Christian,” says Will in his introduction.

The book takes terms like Atonement, Christ, Incarnation, Justice, Creed and speaks about them in wonderfully accessible ways.

The vocabulary begins with an essay on, Abortion, and runs all the way to Zacchaeus.

Will’s signature humor and mischievousness comes through, along with his truth-telling witness to the theological riches of the Christian faith. Bishop Kenneth Carder calls this a “sometimes jarring, always interesting, consistently insightful, and persistently provocative invitation to ‘talk the talk and walk the walk’ of Christian discipleship.” Whether a new or longstanding Christian, God Turned Toward Us is sure to enliven your faith.

Dr. William Willimon currently serves as Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke Divinity School and oversees the Doctor of Ministry program there. Will has served as Bishop for the United Methodist Church in northern Alabama for eight years. A prolific author and preacher, Will continues to serve the Church by offering an unapologetic attempt to articulate the language of the Christian faith on the page and in various pulpits around the country.


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